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A mentorship community for the high-achieving woman to feel



The Harsh Reality Is...

"Around 25 to 30 percent of high achievers may suffer from imposter syndrome. And around 70 percent of adults may experience impostorism at least once in their lifetime... The syndrome is more prevalent in women than in men, and, within that group, it is more prevalent in women of color"  

- Sakulku, Jaruwan. "The impostor phenomenon." The Journal of Behavioral Science 6, no. 1 (2011): 75-97.

The above statistics are EXACTLY why I created this Mentorship Community:

To ultimately close the gap between high-achieving women and their worthiness!


I'm Dr. Shelly-Ann

CEO of Alphastute and Founder of the Go Bravely Mentorship Community

If you're here reading this copy I want you to know that I created this Mentorship for YOU!

You're probably a woman with BIG aspirations and dreams for yourself but feel unsupported and isolated in your journey to greatness. As a professional woman who has been there myself I absolutely understand the struggle of wanting to take up space but also worrying if you are taking up too much space!

I once was in the ugly space of dimming my light, diluting my essence and silencing my truth just to fit in. It became really uncomfortable pretending to be something I was not and I deeply longed to find other high-achieving women like me which often times felt like searching for a needle in a haystack...   

As it became harder to find "my tribe" I realised that I had to be the example I was seeking which meant taking brave moves and taking up space unapologetically. This journey of bravery was characterised by me migrating to a new country three times, career transitioning from law to business, pursuing my PhD in a top university as the only Black PhD candidate at the time and leading hundreds of high-achieving women into their purpose and authenticity. Even though I have bravely redefined what it means to be a high-achieving woman I would not want another woman to do it alone like I did... And so, I have founded this Community to share my 15+ years of academic and professional expertise to support you in confidently pursuing your dreams and embodying the DUALITY of masculine and feminine energies needed to assert yourself and succeed in this world.

This Community has proven to be a safe-haven for strong, high-achieving women from around the world to relax into their feminine essence and feel SEEN, CELEBRATED and SUPPORTED!  In this community I promise you genuine sisterhood, genuine connection and genuine support.

You are not 'doing too much', you are doing all that you have been divinely created to do and we cannot wait to partner with you on your journey to GREATNESS!

See you in Community!


What You'll Get

Less Distractions

The Community is intentionally designed to remove the noise and distractions that come with being on social media.

Monthly Mentorship Class

Live classes with Dr. Shelly-Ann or invited guests on business, career and education topics which are held the FIRST Sunday of every month. 

Monthly Healing Circle

Held the LAST Sunday of every month by Dr. Shelly-Ann or invited guests, healing circles allow for sharing of spiritual practices, confronting traumas and cultivating a new timeline for your highest good.

Replay of Missed Sessions

Worried about not being able to attend every session? That's okay! All sessions are recorded for the users replay at any time. Get the community you need at your convenience with over 35 classes at your fingertips!

A Supportive Community

Connect with a global network of strong, high-achieving women who are seeking more confidence, bravery and feminine power, just like you!

Accountability Challenges

Need deeper accountability in your life and seeking to do so with Sistars just as motivated as you to get those goals achieved? Our accountability challenges offer deeper, more purposeful exchanges.

Instant Access to 50+ Class Replays: 

  • Building your Confidence
  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Embodying Female Leadership¬†
  • Manifesting the Life and Love you Desire
  • Personal Finances and Budgeting
  • How To Build A Successful Business Model
  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • How to Ask For A Promotion
  • How to Monetise Your Education
  • Releasing and Rekindling Family Bonds
  • Creating a Strong Social Media Presence
  • Releasing Through Breath
  • Love and Relationships¬†
  • Funding the Mission
  • Career Progression
  • The Power of Mirror Work¬†
  • Mastering Personal Accountability
  • Purposeful Living


Daisy Smith, 2024 Go Bravely Achievement Award Recipient

Daisy joined the Go Bravely Mentorship Community in 2021 and her growth has been OUTSTANDING.

When she first joined Community she was in need of greater community, structure and flow In her life working as a full-time personal stylist.

Since joining Community Daisy has made significantly BRAVE steps in her life utilising the teachings in our Community which include: 

  • Bravely negotiating and securing a 5 figure salary raise
  • Left one job for another that increased her revenue by $30K
  • Successfully negotiated Sundays off in the retail industry
  • Invested quarterly in Alphastute's services to accelerate her self-development
  • Unconditionally gave sisterhood to women in Community and assigned GBC Ambassador
  • Pursued soul calling of Personal Stylist and launched two consultation packages and her first e-book.

These consistent moves have displayed her embodiment of the mantra Go Bravely and her commitment to passionately pursue her life's calling.

In this vein, it is an absolute honour to award Daisy with the first Go Bravely Achievement Award, an Award which serves to honour our members with their ultimate self-actualisation and embodiment.

From isolated to supported!

Tanya Blackwell - @lilcali52

Dr. Shelly-Ann has a tried-and-true track record of leading women (starting with herself) towards achieving their highest potential. The monthly mentorship calls could easily be considered Masterclasses; these alone are worth the investment. From watching the replay of her mentorship class 'Write That Book Sis' I now have a step by step plan to achieve a lifelong goal of publishing my first book. However the best benefit of GBC Mentorship is the COMMUNITY. Here, I found a group of women who have shown up and shown out to show me that I'm worthy of all my dreams coming true. Every woman with big dreams that desires to lead a purpose-driven life deserves to be a member of GBC!

Miriam Ogbamichael - @merry.yeh

Being an active member of this community since August of 2022 has tremendously changed the trajectory of my life. I was telling my beloved last night over dinner that if it wasn’t for social media, God knows how much longer I would have remained in the state that I was in. This sisterhood has brought me to myself in a way that no one in my life has ever done before. I’ve never felt safe enough or relatable enough to open up the way that I have in this community. 

Jasmine Green- @jazzyupyourlife

In this Community women are taught that they embody the power to create the life they want. Under the tutelage of our Coach and Mentor, Dr. Shelly-Ann, we grow. You have no choice but to grow where you are loved, nurtured and safe.

Tisha Jack- @tcjay

I joined GBC for the mentorship, to keep me accountable on my professional development. I gained a community of women that I didn't know I needed. One that mirrors different facets of my life at different times. You take what you need/applies and leave the rest! You pour into other women when they feel low and ask for the help. Community is needed and I'm happy to have this group as one of mine!

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar (L.L.B., L.E.C., MSc., Pg.Dip., PhD., CMEC)


Dr. Shelly-Ann is an Educator, Certified High-Performance Coach, Author, Attorney and CEO of Alphastute Ltd. As a Caribbean woman, hailing from the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago she has made brave strides having left the legal profession after 4 years as a criminal prosceutor and recreating herself professionally.

She holds a PhD in Management from King's College London a Masters in International Business and Emerging Markets, a Bachelors of Laws and a Postgraduate Diploma in Career, Information and Advice. She is also a Certified Executive and Board Coach specialising in high-performance coaching with an ACTP recognised by the International Coaching Federation. Not like your regular coach, Dr. Shelly-Ann comes with an immense wealth of knowledge, expertise and wisdom to help high-achievers accelerate their growth towards greater self-actualisation and self-leadership.  With research interests in career development, leadership and management, entrepreneurship and innovation she acts as an Educator and Coach to top universities bridging the gap between research theory and practical application with methodologies that work.

As a spiritual woman, she has authored her first book Go Bravely: Building Confidence daily which complements her affirmative musical track which can be found on all music streaming platforms. Dr. Shelly-Ann speaks powerfully from the heart centre and guides her Mentees to their highest selves and calling both professionally and personally.

In 2020, she was listed as one of the Top 100 Alumni at the University of Edinburgh Business School for her work with Alphastute and she continues to be one of the most dynamic, impactful and sought after high-performance coaches for modern day women as a woman of color.

To learn more about her work visit

The Go Bravely Mentorship Community is for:

  • The woman who is aware of Dr. Shelly-Ann's body of work and desires to be mentored by her¬†EXPERTISE
  • The woman who seeks to learn in an environment with LESS DISTRACTIONS¬†
  • The woman who is ready to become more CONFIDENT and take her personal and professional life to the next level of growth and abundance
  • The woman who is tired of being told she "is too much" and is READY to engage with a like-minded, ambitious and spiritually grounded group of women
  • The woman who finds it challenging¬†to harmonise her MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGIES
  • The woman who is ready to EMBODY¬†her feminine essence and celebrate her mind and body
  • The woman who sees herself as her greatest asset and is willing to make a small financial investment to become her highest self

Our Mentee Wins Include:

Shayna Justine- @shaynajustine

I was pouring into others and I had nobody pouring into me. I was suicidal and reached out to my GBC Sistars for support who then encouraged me to inform Dr. Shelly-Ann of my situation. I felt safe to tell Dr. Shelly-Ann everything I was going through and my biggest accomplishment that I have received from Community is that I survived and that God is not done with me yet.

Carly Gray - @mamabirdgray

As a mentee who has been deeply involved in Community since 2021 launch it is an honour to now serve as Community Moderator. It has served me greatly to be part of a community of women who over the years have truly seen and held space for me as well as held me accountable. I am immensely grateful for a sisterhood that uplifts me spiritually as well as supports my ambitions and new chapters in life. Forever Going Bravely with my sisters in sacred community!




Maricruz Chia- @a_soulmomlifestyle

Joining the Go Bravely Mentorship Community has been one of the best decisions eye have made for myself.  Eye have found some of the most profound connections with women that provide unconditional love, support, and accountability. Eye am beyond grateful for Dr. Shelly and the Community as they have helped me embody courage to go out into the world bravely and take up space.


Christa Stoneham - @christastoneham

I've been able to tell my story through writing my own book since joining the Go Bravely Mentorship Community. Being mentored by Dr. Shelly-Ann also led me to investing in coaching with her and I sat down and really worked closely with her to figure out my why and what was the intended outcome for the communities I serve. I am so happy I was able to memorialise the work I do and those I serve. 

Rylan Chesley - @rylan_ashlee

My biggest achievement since joining the Go Bravely Mentorship Community is writing my own contracts, negotiating deals in a room full of men and getting my deals approved without any negotiation or hesitation from the other side.


High-achieving women require  sacred community to keep them motivated, supported and grounded to take on the world's toughest challenges! 


You do not have to go bravely into your aspirations alone.

Here, we are ready to see you, support you and celebrate you!


Will you support you?